How much does Solar cost?
Great question! It depends on the amount of electricity your home uses and what your individual needs are.

Is there an upfront cost?
No! We do not ask for any money down or cost at installation. You are simply using the same dollars you were already using for the utility company and putting it towards something you own!

What is the typical ROI for going Solar?
This ranges with the needs of the customer, but what is the ROI with using your typical electric company all your life?

What makes your store different?
Many things! We offer a store front location. This positions us to be accessibility, transparent, and accountable to our customers! Customer satisfaction is highly important to us!

Do you have a referral program?
Yes! We want the community to be excited to share the good news of our store front with their family and friends. Not only can you be confident you are telling them about a reputable company, but our referral program sets us apart from the rest of companies! Ask for more info on this!

Will Solar become cheaper down the line?
We believe that solar will stay competitive with electric company prices. Therefore, Solar is cheaper today than it will be tomorrow. Chat with us today!